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Sometimes things can get to be more than you can handle. I know this from my own personal experience. I suffered a great loss and after a year of trying to cope with that loss on my own, I knew that it was time for me to reach out for some help. I was missing work, didn't want to do much of anything and just didn't feel like myself. I started seeing a counselor each week, and it has helped. If you are struggling to recover after a loss, this blog may be able to help you find the help you need to get past it.

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counseling to get past a great loss


Understanding Child Therapy Services

Child therapy is a specialized area within the mental health field focused on helping children and adolescents navigate a variety of emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. With a friendly and supportive approach, child therapists work to create a safe and nurturing environment where young clients can freely express their thoughts and feelings. Through professional therapeutic techniques, children learn coping strategies that aid in their overall mental well-being and development. The Importance of Child Therapy

Eating Disorder Treatment: Understanding The Importance Of Counseling

Eating disorders are serious mental health conditions that can have devastating effects on an individual's physical and emotional well-being. While various treatment options are available, counseling is often a crucial component of recovery. In this blog post, we will delve into eating disorder counseling. The Psychological Aspect of Eating Disorders One of the primary goals of counseling for eating disorders is to address the underlying psychological factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of these conditions.

Signs Your Child Needs a Trauma Treatment Program

Trauma can be a life-changing experience for anyone, especially for a child. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of trauma, which can have long-lasting consequences if not addressed properly. As a parent, it is crucial to be aware of the signs and symptoms that indicate your child needs professional help. This blog post will explore the top signs that your child needs a trauma treatment program. Difficulty Regulating Emotions

Telehealth Group Therapy: A Modern Approach to Traditional Mental Health Care

In today's digital era, technology has made significant advancements in various fields, including healthcare. One area that has seen remarkable progress is mental health care. Telehealth group therapy programs are revolutionizing the way people approach and receive traditional counseling services. With the rise of online platforms and video conferencing capabilities, individuals now have access to a more convenient and accessible way to receive therapy. Explore the benefits and advantages of telehealth group therapy programs for individuals seeking mental health support.

Are You A Good Candidate For Intensive Outpatient Therapy?

An intensive outpatient therapy program can help you tackle difficult mental health concerns and life issues. Such a program is only ideal for a certain set of people, though. If you want to explore intensive outpatient therapy, here is how you can determine if you'll be a good candidate. Crisis Acuteness Outpatient programs work best for individuals who aren't in the midst of extreme crises. Someone who's having an active episode of suicidal ideation or self-harm should pursue an inpatient option at least initially.

How Can A Personal Development Coach Fuel Your Growth?

Coaches are experts who help individuals achieve their goals. Many people think of coaches in the context of sports, where they help athletes train and prepare for games. However, you can benefit from the advice of a coach in your personal life. Personal development coaches strive to help people improve their careers, relationships, and daily lives. These are four steps that a personal development coach can use to help you identify and live your best life: 

Are You A Gay Man And Need Therapy? Benefits Of Choosing A Gay Therapist

Being a gay man can be stressful for some men especially if their family is having a hard time understanding or dealing with it. Being gay can also bring out a lot of hatred in people that are against this style of life. All of this can lead to mental problems for you. To help you feel better you should see a therapist. Below are some benefits of choosing a gay male therapist for yourself.

Are You A Candidate For Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment?

When you get into a drug treatment program for your addiction, you can either do an outpatient or an inpatient program. Some people prefer to do their treatment for drugs inpatient so they don't have to worry about other things while seeking recovery, such as caring for family, dealing with friends and social pressure, and having to go to work. Others thrive in a more outpatient drug addiction treatment setting because they want to be able to find balance in their life and continue their normal responsibilities while caring for their drug addiction.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Mental Health Treatment

Most people are usually ready to start their mental health journey when they finally seek treatment. But what many don't realize is that there's a lot you can do to set yourself up for success and make the most out of your mental health treatment. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Educate Yourself One of the best things you can do to prepare for mental health treatment is to educate yourself on what to expect.

Need Help? Why Add Hypnosis To Your Treatment Plan

If you're struggling with daily problems, help is available. It's not easy to overcome issues that are interfering with your life, but it can be done. If you're not in counseling, now's the time to do that. If you're looking for a way to enhance the effects of your counseling, hypnosis might be your best option. If you're like many people, carnival attractions come to mind when you think of hypnosis.

What Should You Do As A Teen Foster Parent?

Foster parents help kids to grow up in safe, loving, supportive environments when they can no longer live with their birth families. Foster children can be any age, from a few months old to the age of 18. Becoming a foster parent for teenage children is a selfless way to help adolescents in need. Here are four unique responsibilities that the foster parents of teenage children have:  1. Offer your teen a loving place to go to.

What Services Do Psychiatrists Provide?

Mental health care providers have the important job of helping people who suffer from mental illnesses. Mental illnesses may not be as visible as physical illnesses, but they can have just as big of an impact on a person's quality of life. Psychiatrists can help patients find the type of therapy and medications that work best to treat their conditions. Here are some of the psychiatric services that doctors can provide for patients under their care:

Tips For Helping Teenagers Get Counseling

If there is a teenager in your life, you may have considered counseling and other services for your child. It is important that you assess the mental health needs of your child before you make a decision about family counseling. Do you think your child would benefit from mental health therapy? These tips will help you get counseling for your teenager. Understand Why Teenagers Have Different Needs Teenagers often benefit most from mental health services.

Signs You Should Seek Help For Your Anxiety

Feeling anxious is quite normal for everybody. However, anxiety can get to a point where it becomes a debilitating problem. So, if you're always feeling anxious, you might be suffering from an anxiety disorder. That said, you should take the necessary steps to manage the condition before it affects your social life, work, or school performance.  In most cases, people don't seek intervention until they notice their condition is interrupting their daily routine.

Why Should You Seek Professional Counseling Service?

Counseling can help people find inner peace whether they are young or old. No matter what's happening in your life, talking to a counselor can help you cope with it more easily. There are many benefits to talking to a professional counselor that you can't get by talking to other people in your social circle. Here are four reasons to seek professional counseling service: 1. Receive sound advice Sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to do, especially when you're presented with many choices.

Which Treatment Is Best For Your Troubled Teen?

If you have a teenager in your home who is troubled, you may find yourself in a position where treatment is ideal. This presents you with a serious question: which type of treatment is right for your teen? While it can seem overwhelming at first, this question may be simpler than you think. It is important that you consider the different treatment options available. These are some of the treatments you might consider.

Myths And Misconceptions About Parent Coaching

Are you having trouble parenting? Maybe you just wonder if you're really doing the best job possible with your little ones. First of all, the fact that you're asking these questions at all means you're an excellent parent. And as an excellent parent, something you may want to look into is parent coaching. This is a form of counseling. You work directly with a psychologist who teaches you new parenting skills and philosophies that you can use to improve your parenting over time.

Tips For New Counseling Patients

Mental health needs can be challenging for a person to meet. Often, this will be a result of a person being unfamiliar with using counseling and therapy in order to help address their mental and emotional health problems. For a person that is new to therapy and counseling services, it can be difficult to anticipate what they will need to do in order to make full use of these services.

Signs You Should Seek Telehealth Services For Your Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about everything about the way people live, including how they seek their health care and mental health services. If you're like most people, you have not been able to see a therapist or counselor in-person during this whole ordeal. And with this pandemic's inherent ability to trigger anxiety, going without that care may not be a good thing. Thankfully, many mental health counselors and therapists have begun to offer remote services via telehealth and telemedicine platforms.

Times In Your Life To See A Therapist

What many people do not realize is that just about anyone in the world would benefit from seeing a therapist. Therapy is not just something for people with diagnosed mental illnesses or the like. It is for everybody. And there are specific times in a person's life where they would most benefit from therapy. These are things that most everybody goes through and often could use some extra help or support.

What Is Suboxone Treatment Like?

Opioids are highly addictive drugs often used to treat pain. People can become addicted to both legal and illegal forms of opioids. Some people develop an addiction to painkillers prescribed by their doctor, while others become addicted to heroin or morphine purchased on the street. Regardless of the circumstances of addiction, opioid dependency can be a hard habit to break. Many people try and fail to quit on their own, but drug treatment programs can help.

How Adult Counseling Differs From Child And Teen Counseling

There is no age at which an individual may no longer need counseling. If you have been to counseling as a child or a teen, you might be familiar with the process. If you decide that you need adult counseling services as an adult, you might wonder if the services will be different now that you're older. Your life stage will affect the type of counseling that you need to receive.

Helping Your Troubled Child

If your child is experiencing behavioral, emotional, or psychological problems, there are some things you can do to help. The most important thing to do is get them treatment as soon as possible. Treat these issues the same way you would treat any other illnesses that were affecting your child.  Realizing Your Child Needs Help It can be hard to admit that your troubled child needs the help of a professional.

Stop Drinking Using These Steps

Alcohol can be a safe addition to a healthy lifestyle when used responsibly. Unfortunately, some people abuse it. Problem drinking includes alcoholism, but not problem drinkers are alcoholics. If you're a woman who regularly drinks more than 7 drinks per week, or you're a man who drinks more than 14 drinks per week, you exceed the limits for moderate drinking. Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your liver, stomach, and brain.

A Three-Phase Approach To Alcohol Rehab

Making the commitment to sobriety by entering a rehab program is the first step in achieving long-term sobriety. Many treatment programs adopt a three-phase approach, which can allow you to detox and maintain sobriety in the safest way possible. Inpatient Detox Although it is always safer to detox from any drug in a controlled environment, detoxing from alcohol and similar substances as an inpatient is non-negotiable. The detox process from alcohol is potentially life-threatening because of the risk of seizures.

The Advantages of Individual Counseling

Group therapy is one form of counseling you might seek, but if you're a private person and usually avoid group settings, then the idea of group therapy might be overwhelming. Individual counseling could be the best option for you and is a good choice when used alone or in combination with group sessions. Here's why individual counseling is so beneficial. Your Privacy is Maintained When you take group therapy, you have to open up and talk about yourself to a group of people.

3 Reasons Couples Should Seek Help From A Marriage Counselor

Marriage can be a beautiful thing, but it takes a lot of work. At some point, you and your spouse may deal with issues that you can't get past. If you've reached this point, consider getting help from a marriage counselor. They can benefit your marriage in the following ways.  Improve Communication  A lot of arguments can happen between you and your spouse simply because of a lack of communication. A marriage counselor can enhance this aspect of your marriage so that both parties are on the same page.

Several Mental Health Care Myths And Misconceptions

Mental health care is a topic that is often poorly understood. This can lead to there being myths and misconceptions about this type of care. Making sure that you are fully informed about the truth concerning the more common notions about mental health care will help you with making sure that these needs are being met. Myth: Counseling Will Always Be Needed One common concern that people will have about adult counseling is that they will always need therapy sessions to keep enjoying the benefits of treatment.

Therapy-Based Tips For Strengthening Communication In Your Relationship

When it comes to relationship counseling, managing the communication dynamic can be difficult. Sometimes it's difficult to see past the emotional turmoil and your own personal hang-ups to be able to communicate effectively with your partner. Before you find yourself ready to walk away, there are a few things that your counselor will want you to know. Be Responsible For Your Feelings It is important that you take personal responsibility for how you manage your feelings as well as for what you may have done to contribute to them.

3 Ways To Naturally Relieve Your Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is a real problem and can truly disrupt your life if you ignore the symptom. So, if symptoms of anxiety are causing problems with your daily life, yet you aren't interested in medication (at least not yet), you may want to consider some natural remedies for anxiety that have been shown to help relieve some of the symptoms that you are experiencing. Take Chamomile Capsules The University of Pennsylvania conducted a study that suggested that individuals with generalized anxiety disorder could benefit from the use of the natural herb chamomile.

Self-Soothing Techniques For Children With Anxiety

Children who face anxiety may feel like they are all alone, but it is all too common. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it is most frequently seen in children between the ages of seven and nine. If you have a child who is suffering with anxiety, you should help them find a counselor. In addition to speaking with a caring professional to help sort out their anxiety, these self-soothing techniques can be very helpful for children.

3 Early Signs Of Cerebral Palsy In Your Infant

Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that affects muscle coordination. There are different classifications of cerebral palsy, but two of the most common types are hypertonic and hypotonic. Hypertonic cerebral palsy can lead to muscle stiffness and spasms, while hypotonic cerebral palsy can lead to general muscle weakness and related issues. Below are three early signs of cerebral palsy that your infant may display and how they can affect your child.

Tips For Staying Calm While In Recovery

If you have just started to take the first steps towards sobriety, chances are good that any sort of stress is going to feel as though it's about to destabilize your efforts at recovery. Whatever substances you were addicted to are going to seem far more tempting when you are feeling sad, angry, or simply anxiety-riddled. As a result, it is in your best interest to keep your anxiety to a minimum and maintain serenity as much as you can.

Control Anger Before It Controls You: 3 Tips For Adults With ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, affects approximately 4% to 5% of all adults in the U.S. Adults suffering from ADHD tend to be more impulsive and emotional; this disorder manifests itself in clinical symptoms such as difficulties in following direction, in remembering information, in concentrating and in controlling emotions. Adults with ADHD tend to have trouble controlling their anger, and many require anger management. If you happen to be in this situation, you can learn to control your anger before it controls you.

Dealing With A Spouse's Drug Or Alcohol Addiction: Options For You

When you are married to a person who is suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the situation can be tough for not only your spouse but also for you and the rest of your family. The problem can be that the focus of the treatment and recovery process is often on the person with the addiction leaving their spouse and family members to fend for themselves. However, there are options available to help the whole family as well as the addicted person.

Intimacy Problems? Try A Homemade Candle To Spice Up The Moment

You and your partner are having a few difficulties in the bedroom, which is putting a damper on your relationship. You should definitely see a counselor about this, and you can also consider enhancing your intimate moments with a homemade natural candle.  Secrets Within Your Homemade Candle Believe it or not, there are some scents that help induce relaxation and promote sexual desire, just a bit. The following are some of the scents that you should pay attention to:

New Years Resolutions That Will Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Children

2016 is finally here! As you make your new year's resolutions, now is the time to think about your relationship with your child. There are many resolutions that can help you strengthen your relationship with your child and solidify the bond you two share. The following resolutions are relatively simple changes that can help you and your child have a healthy relationship. 1. Minimize phone time when you're with your kids.

H.O.W. – 3 Parts Of Addiction Recovery A Mental Health Counselor Can Help Build

Beginning a new life of recovery from addiction can be challenging. Three of the most vital things you must learn are honesty, openness and willingness to change. Consulting with a mental health professional can help you perfect these three important characteristics to improve your chances of a successful recovery from any addiction. Honesty Stepping forward into a life free of addiction is going to require you to be honest. You will need to be honest about your addiction and, most of all, honest about your part in creating your addictive situation.

Overcoming Your PTSD From An Abusive Relationship: Tips For You

When you have recently gotten out of an abusive relationship, you may find yourself in a tough and unfamiliar situation. While you are relieved to be out of a bad situation, you may continue to relive the experience in your mind, feel anxious or panicked, and even be fearful all the time. These feelings are attributable to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that can be the result of continued abuse. Get to know some of the ways that you can treat and overcome your PTSD so that you can put your abusive relationship behind you once and for all.

Tips For Raising A Child That Cares About The Environment

If you care deeply about the environment, humanity's effect on the environment, and what people can do as individuals to help reduce the carbon footprint and turn back some of the damage, you probably want you child to care about these things too. However, raising a child that cares about these types of causes can be difficult because you can't simply explain the importance of the environment to a child in terms that adults would understand and expect your child to understand as well.

Tips For College Students Trying To Manage Depression

If you are in college, you are likely under a great deal of stress. You might be trying to support yourself on a part time job that you're working on top of going to school full-time. You might be struggling with a difficult major but need to keep your GPA up in order to continue receiving your scholarship from the school. You might have other issues in your life causing you stress that aren't directly related to school.

Essential Self-Soothing Tips For Anxiety

Many people suffer needlessly in their struggles with anxiety without ever pursuing help for this problem that can be overwhelming and destructive. However, you needn't suffer in silence because anxiety can significantly lessen over time with effective treatments. The first step is to pursue professional anxiety treatment and counseling. As you start to heal, you may find that self-soothing is important for times when you're on your own. Here are some essential self-soothing tips that can help you feel less anxious and more in control of your thoughts and feelings.

Great Expectations: What Marriage Counseling May (And May Not) Do For You

Seeing a marriage counselor can be beneficial for a couple at any stage of the relationship. Many couples choose to see a counselor as a move to ensure that they start a marriage on the right foot, while others wait until many years into the relationship when things are going sour before they seek help. There's no universal right or wrong time to see a counselor, but it's never a bad idea.

What About Me? Am I Really Crazy?

If you have a fear of losing your mind, or you suspect you have a mental conditions but the evidence for this condition is sketchy, you may actually have a form of psychiatric hypochondria.  This can have several different causes and is treatable. Fears of Catastrophic Mental Illness Psychiatric hypochondria is when you obsess on a false belief that you have a certain psychiatric condition or you are living in fear of losing your grip on reality.