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counseling to get past a great loss

Sometimes things can get to be more than you can handle. I know this from my own personal experience. I suffered a great loss and after a year of trying to cope with that loss on my own, I knew that it was time for me to reach out for some help. I was missing work, didn't want to do much of anything and just didn't feel like myself. I started seeing a counselor each week, and it has helped. If you are struggling to recover after a loss, this blog may be able to help you find the help you need to get past it.

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counseling to get past a great loss

Tips For New Counseling Patients

by Jessica Mason

Mental health needs can be challenging for a person to meet. Often, this will be a result of a person being unfamiliar with using counseling and therapy in order to help address their mental and emotional health problems. For a person that is new to therapy and counseling services, it can be difficult to anticipate what they will need to do in order to make full use of these services.

Give Yourself A Few Minutes To Reflect Before The Therapy Session Starts

Prior to each therapy session, it can be extremely useful to take a few minutes to reflect and gather your thoughts. This can help you better discuss any difficult emotions you may be experiencing while also helping you minimize any tendencies for defensiveness that may inhibit the results of the counseling session.

Consider Keeping A Counseling Journal

Writing in a counseling journal at the end of each session can be another useful step for you to take. A journal will give you a chance to write down any information and important points that you covered during the counseling session. While this may seem like it will significantly increase the amount of time that the counseling will take, this is not always the case. You may only need to dedicate a few minutes after the session to write down your thoughts. Ideally, this should be done immediately at the conclusion of the therapy session when the information that was covered is still fresh in your mind.

Appreciate That Counseling Can Be A Lengthy Process

Understandably, individuals generally want to get results from their counseling and therapy sessions quickly. However, it is important for counseling patients to appreciate that this can be a lengthy process that may take weeks or months. This can be a result of the fact that many mental and emotional health problems may have been present for years. This can have led to the patient developing behaviors and other coping mechanisms that may not be healthy or productive. Unlearning these traits and developing the type of skills needed to manage emotional and mental health problems can be a lengthy process. By appreciating these facts from the start of your therapy treatments, you can help to limit the amount of frustration that you may experience, which can help with allowing you to focus on the sessions and treatments themselves rather than on the time that is needed.