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Sometimes things can get to be more than you can handle. I know this from my own personal experience. I suffered a great loss and after a year of trying to cope with that loss on my own, I knew that it was time for me to reach out for some help. I was missing work, didn't want to do much of anything and just didn't feel like myself. I started seeing a counselor each week, and it has helped. If you are struggling to recover after a loss, this blog may be able to help you find the help you need to get past it.

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counseling to get past a great loss

Intimacy Problems? Try A Homemade Candle To Spice Up The Moment

by Jessica Mason

You and your partner are having a few difficulties in the bedroom, which is putting a damper on your relationship. You should definitely see a counselor about this, and you can also consider enhancing your intimate moments with a homemade natural candle. 

Secrets Within Your Homemade Candle

Believe it or not, there are some scents that help induce relaxation and promote sexual desire, just a bit. The following are some of the scents that you should pay attention to:

For Women: The Combination Between Cucumber & Licorice

This combination is important if you or your partner has problems letting go of their inhibitions. For one, cucumber contains aromatic properties that help reduce stress. Studies found that cucumber helps awaken hidden passions because it allows you or your partner to relax.

Licorice is another important ingredient in your scented candle. This is because the smell increases blood flow to a women's reproductive system, causing an arousing reaction. 

For Men: The Orange And Licorice Mixture

The citric acid in orange has an invigorating smell that helps stimulate men's senses. This should help men be more sensitive to tactile stimuli.

Studies found that licorice increases blood flow to the penis, which increases longevity and quality. The stimuli is triggered by the olfactory senses when the licorice scent is in the air.

Do not forget to communicate everything from desires to what you do not particularly enjoy, as communication is key.

How to Make Your Sexy Homemade Candle

You'll need the following:

  • 16 ounce empty and clean glass jar
  • Candle wick string and scissors
  • Metal candle wick tabs
  • 4 cups of soy wax flakes
  • 2 sets of 8 drops of the aforementioned scents


  1. Attach the metal wick tabs in the middle of your glass jar.
  2. Cut a wick string that is about 4 inches taller than your glass jar.
  3. Tie a knot at the tip of your string, and attach the knot to your metal wick tabs.
  4. Place the wax flakes in a saucepan, and warm over medium-low heat until melted, which should take about 5 minutes. Stir the wax until smooth.
  5. Remove from heat, and let the the wax sit for 5 minutes.
  6. Add and blend your essential oils.
  7. Hold your string up, and pour the mixture into your glass jars. Leave about 1 inch of space between the wax and the top of your glass jar.
  8. Tie the top of the wick string to a popsicle stick or something similar to keep it in the middle. Let the wax dry for at least an hour. You can cut the wick string to make it shorter.

That is how simple it is to make your sexy scented candle for those romantic nights with your loved one. Do not expect this to solve every issue you are having; this candle is only meant to enhance the moment. For actual relationship help, visit a counselor like those at Malan Relationship Health.